Number and type of reports

I do somewhere around 60-80 cases a year. Around 60% are commissioned by the claimant and 40% by the defendant. Most however are “ Single Joint Expert” reports especially those involving child care

Turn around time

Following the initial contact with the client’s solicitor, I am usually able to offer an appointment within

3-4 weeks but once an letter of instruction is received and the notes have been sent to my clinic at Hayes Grove Priory I am usually able to turn cases around in around 3 weeks unless it is exceptionally complicated


For legally aided cases I always operate within the Legal aid framework of fees

Currently Legal aid rates for childcare cases is £135/hour and these take 10-15 hours of work

For Forensic cases £90/hour and civil cases usually also around £100/hour with the total usually coming to around £800-£1000; Legal Aid rates change from time to time

All private law cases £135/hour.