I have also an interest in the personality disorders and wrote a review on the drug treatment of the personality disorders and later worked with Professor Peter Tyrer to produce a book called Personality Disorders Reviewed.

My largest and most important publication is however the College Textbook on Psychiatry. The first edition was a very large tome of 1392 pages and is called College Seminars in adult general Psychiatry.

First edition of the National textbook 1998

I personally wrote around a third of this book although my name only appears in five chapters. The book has been widely used by trainees studying for the exam and has also been translated into Chinese. The second edition was published in 2007.

Second edition of the National textbook 2007

The second Edition has 834 pages and is considerably larger than the first edition even though the page number is less. It has over 4,000 references   

This has been my major academic preoccupation for the last 6 years. It is an even larger tome than the first edition and I have completed this task. I have had to rewrite around a third of this and it has appeared at long last in April 2007 and is a very large book and it one of the three  National textbooks in Psychiatry.The book can be purchased directly from the College but can be viewed on the Amazon website